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Product Validation For Early Stage non-tech Founders & Creators

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Are you ready to transition from concept to market-ready?

Validation Co is a dynamic launchpad for Founders looking to validate conceptual ideas, providing validation tools and resources to transform ideas into successful market-ready solutions.

You only get a few shots at building your life’s work.

Don't waste your valuable time and money.

Learn my tips, tricks and hacks.

Websites that make your brand stronger and get you closer to your goals

The objective is to reduce the amount of risk associated with your business idea and learn more. It's not a straight line validating. Think if it as a series and zig zags to gather supporting evidence to validate your riskiest assumptions.

Startup success isn't just dreaming up ideas but as much as discovering and rapidly discarding the wrong ones. You start with an idea and that idea is mostly wrong and then you adapt that idea and keep refining it and engage on a recursive improvement and iterating in a loop until you de-risk the proposition and find signals of a viable business.

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You only get a few shots at building your life’s work

You only get a few shots at building your life’s work

The art of turning nothing into something is humbling and fought experience that is challenging to quantify wether it's worth embarking on during the early discovery and ideation phase. Yet, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences.

I've obsessed over product validation. The art and science of finding the answers to our riskiest assumptions and ultimately de-risking the probability we build something no one wants or needs.

I've read hundreds if not thousands of articles, listened and watched months worth of content, attended talks, paid for courses and yet I haven’t found a digestible, practical guide.

I've witnessed countless creators and founders making the same mistakes time and time again and it's frustrating as it can be avoided through education.

For the last 8 years i've been a product manager for a startup studio, incubating software startups and helping founders de-risk their conceptual ideas and helping them build the technology. I’ve worked for bootstrapped and venture backed startups including a Y Combinator startup. I’ve built my own digital products and businesses, two of which have been acquired. I've also had countless fail.

I’m not saying this to flex, but to convey my experience and understanding of the validation process.

I’ve been planning this site for years and i’m finally ready to bring it to life and begin my mission to educating as many founders and creators as possible using my distilled personal experience and learnings from successes and failures of creators, founders and their products.

This site will contain my compiled learning, hacks, tips and first hand examples all distilled into one place. But I won't lie to you. This isn't a silver bullet. You don't complete the course and forget about the learnings. In software, there’s no finish line. There’s always more to build and validate, therefore this course won't just get you from 0-1 but 1+.

It will teach you how to be more product minded with the aim to save you time and money and discover clear signals to inform your next move.

Let's get started!

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Validation Co helps you reduce the amount of wasted:

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Validate your idea in light speed compared to traditional methods
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Save thousands by adopting a lean product validation approach
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Substantially reduce the risk you create something no one wants

The validation toolkit

Everything you need to successfully validate product ideas and new features
The Validator Guide

The complete step-to-step product validation black book packaged into a straightforward guide in the form of an e-book.

Tools directory

A highly curated list of software tools covering a wide variety of categories to assist you with brining your idea to life.

Resources library

Get access to a curated library of supplementary content to dive deeper into product validation concepts.


A directory of free templates to download to help test assumptions, gain valuable feedback, and get product validation prior to launch.

Video tutorials

Bit sized video tutorials covering all core elements of the validation process, including access to recorded lectures.


Access to discounted product validation consultancy by the hour via video calls.

+ loads more...

Who's this for?

This modern, reimagined process is for founders and solo creators that:
Want to learn how to de-risk their conceptual or early stage product/ features
Want to learn how no-code tools can be used to create quick and cheap prototypes to capture learnings
Want to discover a repeatable process to test new ideas quickly and cheaply
Want to de-risk their riskiest assumptions lighting fast with little waste
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Pre-sale pricing

Early supporters pricing

Simple, transparent pricing with a full refund available no questions asked

Personal Access

For solo creators and founders.

The Product Validators Guide
Validation Templates
Tools directory
Resource library
Free listing on Beta Directory
Video lessons
The Product Validators Guide updates
The Product Validators Guide updates
Discounted consultancy

Team Access

Share access with as many people as you want in your team, class, incubator, accelerator, company or organisation.
The Product Validators Guide
Validation Templates
Tools directory
Resource library
Free listing on Beta Directory
Video lessons
The Product Validators Guide updates
The Product Validators Guide updates
Discounted consultancy

The Product
Validators Guide

The comprehensive product validation playbook packaged into a straightforward guide to take you from a conceptual idea to a market-ready solution.

This guide is almost a decades worth of learnings from building and validating software products. It's the guide I wish existed.  

The startup graveyard is littered with people who thought they could skip product validation, this playbooks aims to help you get quick and clear signals using modern techniques so you can confidently decide whether to proceed with your idea or explore alternative paths.

Chapter outline coming soon...
book cover for the the product creators guide

Follow my progress

Developing this platform is an iterative process. Throughout 2024 I will be releasing the core components whilst continuing to develop all the content in a series of updates.

All paying members will receive regular updates. Check out my proposed roadmap and approximate delivery dates.
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Frequently asked questions

When do you launch?

The Product Validators guide will launch in 2024 and will be providing email updates. Between now and launch I will be launching a bunch of free tools and content for all subscribers. Join the waitlist for first access or pre-order The Product Validators guide.

Is there any refund policy?

Absolutely. If you don't find value you can get a full refund straight away.

Whats the format of the Product Validators Guide?

The guide will initially available via a PDF and Notion doc. In the future I will be looking to launch a series of  video tutorials. Additionally, a number of templates are also provided.

How much time does it take to complete?

It's entirely up to you. I've built it in a modular fashion so each module can be consumed as and when you require it. In all honestly, the process will never end and I would expect you to refer back to it throughout the lifecycle of your product.

Not found the answers your looking for? drop me a message.

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Demetrius Curry, CEO & Founder of College Cash
Demetrius Curry
CEO & Founder -  College cash

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Product Validation

For Early Stage

Founders & Creators

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